Sea Freight

The key to better logistics is simple: Innovation. Doing it better.

Through our strategic agreements with the world’s main sea traffic lines, we provide our clients the possibility of transporting their goods from and to any port in the world. As a result of the large volumes we transport regionally, we can offer our clientes very competitive rates, and we can negotiate excepcional conditions for them at their destination.


Some statistics


of all freight ships in construction at the moment have a capacity for over 10.000 TEUs. The largest TEU load ever shipped in a container ship was 17.063 TEU aboard the “MV María Maersk” (Spain to Malaysia, july 2014).

Our work philosophy:


By means of our strategic alliances with the main operators and shipping lines around the world, we have the capability and versatility to adapt ourselves quickly to any change the foreign trade market may demand.

· FCL – International distribution
· LCL – International weekly consolidations
· House-to-house services

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